What Is World Changers?

The Mission of World Changers

World Changers' primary goal is to equip students to confidently share the gospel. It’s imperative that students leave the ministry of Living Water Community Church as lifelong gospel sharers, and World Changers helps us provide students the training and experience needed. This is accomplished through providing focused, meaningful missions experiences in strategic cities of all sizes across the United States.

Reaching the Community

World Changers provides opportunities for students to understand the spiritual impact of sharing their faith. Construction ministry opens the door into a city for students to share the message of God’s grace and the gift of reconciliation.

Participants will be assigned to ministry crews, serving with students and adults from other participating churches. What students learn through ministry experience throughout the day will be reinforced each night through a worship gathering and church group devotions.

Opportunities may include (but are not limited to):

  • Replacing windows and doors

  • Updating house siding

  • Installing Sheet rock

  • Interior home repair

  • Painting Wheelchair ramps

Next LWCC World Changers Trip!


July 7-14th 2019 

LWCC Youth will head to Roanke, VA. To submit an online donation for this trip click the bottom below.


*This donation page is only for LWCC and their World Changers Mission Trip. All donations are tracked and will be credited appropriately by Living Water Community Church.