The vision of Living Water Community Church is to...

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Recognize Everyone And Communicate Hope

We strongly believe that God’s love and forgiveness (and hope) is for everyone. We aim to recognize everyone, even those who don’t look or sound or believe like we do, so that we can communicate the hope that can be found through knowing and following Jesus Christ.


REACHing Locally

We partner with the Hope Clinic in Ypsilanti, through various ministry opportunities throughout the year, including an “adopt-a-family” Christmas emphasis each December. We also collect personal hygiene items monthly to donate to Hope.

Vacation Bible School in the summer. We partner with the Ypsilanti Evangelical Friends church so that together we can put on a fun, excellent Vacation Bible School each year.

We take a benevolence offering once each month. That money is used to help people in our congregation (and a few people outside the congregation) with serious financial needs including utility bills, car repairs and the costs of medicine for some who haven’t been able to afford it.

AWANA. Our AWANA Club on Sunday mornings serves children in Kindergarten through grade 6. We have 30 children enrolled in the new program. In 2013 we added a Cubbies program for preschool-aged kids. Kids love to learn through games, age-appropriate activities, story time and Bible verse memorization.

As a seasonal outreach, we offer a children’s musical every December. That event becomes one of our highest attended events of the year.

We offer small group Bible studies in homes and three times we have offered The Truth Project, with a total of twelve home groups being involved in this Christian Worldview study.



REACHing Youth Ministries

Our Youth are encouraged to grow in their leadership abilities and Living Water sends a team of youth almost every summer on a World Changers mission trip. Living Water Community Church has sent a total of 75 youth and leaders in the last five years. The cities where they have served include Muncie, IN, Charleston, WV, Chattanooga, TN, East St. Louis, IL, Pittsburg, PA, Chicago, IL and Cleveland, OH.

Teams of youth and adult sponsors have gone on “prayer walks” during their World Changes lunch breaks and last summer they prayed with over 100 people and explained the reason they were helping change the world by serving others.

Our youth and adult sponsors raise their own support and are only partially funded from our church’s missions budget. The funds the kids raise not only pay for the trip and lodging (sleeping on a gym floor or in school classrooms) but also covers the cost of materials used to fix up lower-income neighborhood houses.

Throughout the year our Youth are involved in REACHing opportunities as they learn to serve and communicate hope.

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REACHing Women's Ministries

Women have several entry points into the congregation, including community Bible Studies, regular fellowship gatherings, seasonal events like a car rally or “walking rally” in downtown Ann Arbor, and seasonal retreats.

Women in our congregation provide meals to expecting mothers during the difficult months of their pregnancies and after delivery, and to people who are recovering from surgeries.

Two semesters each year there are Ladies’ Home Bible study hosted in a comfortable home environment.


REACHing in Haiti

We began doing annual Pastor training trips in Haiti in 2016.

In February 2016 a team of Elders from Living Water traveled to Haiti to help one of our missionaries provide Bible training to local pastors. The week was spent teaching the basic doctrines of Christianity. In total, 55 local pastors received training certificates for the course.

Our second mission to Haiti took place in March 2017. Our team taught a survey course covering the sections of Poetry and Prophecy books in the Old Testament. The pastors who complete the entire 4-year course will be certified to teach other pastors in Haiti, multiplying the number of trained leaders.

The Living Water teaching will continue with one or two trips to Haiti each year.

Currently, we are training 50 pastors, each of whom serves an average of 200 people in each church, influencing a total of 10,000 people with solid biblical teaching.

In March of this year (2019) our teaching team of Mark Elwell and Mike Burrell finished another round of teaching and then participated in the first graduation ceremony for pastors who have completed the course of study.

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REACHing Globally

Living Water REACHes to the “uttermost parts of the earth” by partially supporting seven missionaries in different areas of the world, including Thailand and India, Haiti, Belize, Chile, Kenya, the Middle East, and in various countries through short-term mission trips.