Haiti Pastor Training Mission

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Living Water has been blessed with work alongside our missionary Mark Sterken in an ongoing Pastor Training Mission in Port au Prince Haiti. Team members who have been training pastors include Pastor Clark Cothern, Tom Harkaway, Steve Pipe, Pastor Mike Burrell and Mark Elwell. Bill George assisted with registration and photography on the first training mission in 2016.

In March of this year (2019) our teaching team of Mark Elwell and Mike Burrell finished another round of teaching and then participated in the first graduation ceremony for pastors who have completed the course of study.

The first group of 50 dedicated pastors represents 10,000 church members influenced by the solid biblical foundations taught in the courses.

Mark Sterken has begun another track of study for a group of 30 additional pastors. We will continue sending teams on average of twice a year to participate in the training modules.

Nine of the pastors who graduated this year are now certified to teach the same training course to pastors in Haiti, multiplying the ministry locally.

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