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We Have Moved!

We Have Moved!

Living Water is now meeting at Childs Elementary School, 7300 Bemis Road, Ypsilanti, MI.

We made the move, beginning June 22, 2014, to be nearer our property since we are getting closer to building our REACH EpiCenter (multi-purpose building) on Bemis Road just west of Whittaker.


Expressed Ideas: A Verbal Shot to Stimulate Spiritual Thought

» Clark Cothern
Senior Pastor

» Mike Burrell
Associate Pastor

» Tom Harkaway
Administrative Pastor

What If? Project

Where Can I Get the Song?

The song, “What if (you could reach around the world)?” can be purchased and downloaded from iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and just about any other major online music store. We have also made the song available here on our website (with help from CD Baby).

Living Water Community: What If (You Could Reach Around the World)


What If Someone Wanted to Contribute More Than $.99?

We have been encouraged to include a way for people who feel inspired to support our REACH Vision to give beyond simply downloading a song. If you feel so inspired, and if you promise not to divert any support to your own local congregation, you could make a contribution to our REACH Fund on our home page through Razoo.

What is the “What if” Project?

The “What if (you could reach around the world)?” Project is a creatively collaborative music video done by 100% volunteer effort. Members of Living Water and friends from twelve different countries have contributed to this effort.  

The song and video expresses our vision to REACH (Recognize Everyone And Communicate Hope) all the way around the world.

“What if (you could reach around the world)?” has become a modern parable, demonstrating how the seemingly small contributions of a whole lot of willing people can result in something far greater than the sum of the individual parts.

We have been asking ourselves, “What if a large number of willing people each shared even a small portion of the hope they have in Christ wherever they happen to be located?” Wouldn’t that change the world for the better?

We believe it would. We are praying that the “What If” Project will encourage and inspire millions to do just that.