Peter the Shepherd Fisherman Series: Question Based Study

Turn this series into a Small Group Study! 

Questions for Discussion are now available for podcast messages in this "Shepherd Fisherman" series. These questions can be used to turn a podcast into a small group. 1) Download the questions, 2) Gather a group, 3) Listen to the podcast together, 4) Discuss. It's that easy. We're praying that these resources will help people get God's Word into their lives, not just into their brains.

A lot of us can identify with Simon Peter. He often speaks first and then thinks later. He boldly proclaims loyalty but then caves because the heat gets turned way up. And yet with all Peter's faults, we love him. Maybe it's because we see his character arc played out over time. This series will help us understand how Jesus' view of us changes our view of ourselves. Chances are good that you'll see some pretty radical transformation in your own life as you look at Simon Peter's life.

Becky George