Upward Basketball & Cheerleading
From the "Washtenaw County Upward Sports" website - Click here

What is Upward Basketball?

Upward Basketball is an evangelistic sports ministry designed to promote community outreach, develop volunteer leadership, and share the love of Christ with children and their families, using something as simple as a basketball.  

Upward promotes character and self-esteem in every child by providing:

  • Separate leagues for boys and girls
  • A one hour practice and game each week of the season
  • An evaluation process to provide equal opportunity for improvement

 What will each participant receive?

  • Reversible Upward Basketball jersey AND shorts
  • Basketball t-shirt
  • Individual awards after each practice and game
  • End-of-the-year award

What is Upward Cheerleading™?

Upward Cheerleading attracts a group of children and their families who may want something different than a basketball program. Specifically designed for children K through 6th grade, Upward Cheerleading seeks to develop the self-esteem of each participant, while teaching respect for authority, leadership, character, and cheerleading fundamentals.

What makes Upward Cheerleading different?

Upward seeks to build cheerleaders and their families by:

  • Allowing for only one hour of practice and one hour of cheering at games each week.
  • Training coaches to teach and encourage.
  • Exposing children to Scripture-based devotions each week and halftime devotions for spectators each week.
  • Seeking to incorporate participants and their families into the local church after the season is complete.

What will each participant receive?

  • Cheerleading top
  • Cheerleading skorts
  • Cheer pompoms
  • Cheer Megaphone
  • Hair Ribbon
  • Individual awards after each practice and game
  • End-of-the-Year award

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