The vision of Living Water Community Church is to . . .
R.E.A.C.H. which means Recognize Everyone And Communicate Hope

Purpose Statement (Why do we exist?)

Living Water Community Church exists . . .
To glorify God by sharing the good news of Jesus Christ,
bringing people into His family,
discipling them to grow into His likeness,
preparing them to worship Him and
reaching out to people of all nations in love and service.
This Purpose Statement is meant to convey the purposes of the Church as found in Scripture, those being: Celebrating God’s Presence (Worship), Communicating God’s Purposes (Evangelism), Educating God’s People (Discipleship), Living in Unity as God's Family (Fellowship), and Demonstrating God’s Love (Ministry).

Mission Statement (What are we supposed to be doing?)

To join with God in His work of transforming people

into fully devoted followers of Christ.


Values (Why do we do what we do?)

Because we believe Christ is the Head of the Church, we share certain values exemplified by His life and ministry. These values reflect our general approach to ministry as we seek to be a Christ-like congregation.

1. Biblical Preaching and Teaching. We value the Bible as God's infallible, inerrant and sufficient revelation of God's will and as such is worthy of study.

2. The Lordship of Christ. We value living in a manner that demonstrates we are fully devoted followers of Christ.

3. God's Grace. We value experiencing God's grace by the way we live together in community.

4. Prayer. We value the discipline of corporate and personal prayer.

5. Praise and Worship. We value experiencing God through praise and worship.

6. Godly Leadership. We value that God gifts the church with individuals who build up the Body of Christ by using their gifts of leadership.

7. The Great Commission. We value sharing the love of Christ with others by what we do and say.