Building Project


April 27, 2015

It's spring and we are back to work on our property! Once final grading is complete and the bike path & entrance drive are paved, we will begin landscaping.

June 2, 2014

Site Work Begins in July, 2014 

We have been given approval to begin site work on our church property (Bemis Road, just west of Whittaker) this July. 

This work will include grading, digging the detention pond, putting in underground utilities, hydro seeding some areas and planting some trees. This preparation work will help stabilize and beautify the property. 

The plan is to get this work done before school starts in the fall. 


May 2, 2012

Final Plans Complete & Grant Application

The final engineering plans are complete and have been approved by the Township staff and all other necessary review agencies. The Township Planning Commission also recently granted a second 1-year extension to our approved preliminary plans.

The final architectural plans are complete and will be submitted to the Township Building Dept. for approval when we are nearer to the construction phase. The building permit is valid for 6 months once issued and can be renewed, so long as progress is being made in the construction. We will wait to submit until we are ready to proceed with construction in the 6 month time frame.

We are now in the process of finalizing all requirements to submit an application for a grant, and we anticipate a positive response such that construction may begin as early as next spring.

November 17, 2011

Final Engineering Plans Approved

We have reason to be thankful. Today we received word that all the agencies we have dealt with have given their approval for our engineering plans. That represents a significant milestone in our building program.

May 14, 2011

Final Plans Almost Complete

Over the last 6 months, we have been working with our architect (Zion Church Builders) and our engineer (Stantec) to finalize our building plans. The architectural plans are 99.9% complete and will be submitted for Township approval in the very near future.

The engineering plans were submitted to the Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources & Environment (MDNRE) last fall, and after several months of review they granted us a permit for work in the floodplain. Final engineering plans have also been submitted to the Washtenaw County Road Commission (WCRC) and the Washtenaw County Water Resource Commissioner (WCWRC) for their review and comments.

We anticipate that these agencies will give final approval within the next few weeks. We will be submitting the final engineering plans for Township staff review within the next couple weeks, and will likely take a couple months for approval. After approvals have been granted, we will hold another Town Hall Meeting to outline the status and next steps.


August 8, 2010 

Town Hall & Business Meeting

The Building Steering Committee presented a report on the progress of the building project, the next steps to be taken, the engineering final site plan work to be done, the detailed architectural work to be completed, and project cost estimates. A vote was taken and approval was granted to move forward with the detailed engineering and architectural designs.

For further details and to hear an audio clip of the Town Hall & Business Meeting,  click here.


August 5, 2010
5 Parcels Officially Combined

The Township assessor approved the combination of the 5 parcels previously purchased. Living Water now officially owns one large parcel of 10.69 acres on Bemis Road.


May 8, 2010
Living Water Purchases Land

Living Water Community Church is now the official owner of property located on Bemis Road, just west of Whittaker Road in Ypsilanti Township.The four parcels along Bemis Road belong to Living Water and will be combined with the fifth parcel to the north as soon as that parcel closes. Thank you for your REACHing vision, your concerted prayer, and your willingness to step out in faith as God leads. Blessed by the name of the Lord!"And rejoice before the LORD your God at the place He will choose as a dwelling for His name..." (Dueteronomy 16:11a)

April 28, 2010
Township Approves Preliminary Site Plan

At a Township meeting on April 27, the Planning Commission unanimously approved a special conditional use permit and the preliminary site plan for our building project on Bemis Road. The land purchase will be finalized soon. The Building Steering Committee will be working with our engineer and architect to determine next steps.


April 5, 2010
Questions & Answers on the Living Water Building Project

The Building Steering Committee answers common questions about the church's new facility on Bemis Road.

Click here to see the Questions & Answers.


March 25, 2010
Preliminary Plans and Renderings

Preliminary Site Plan (Click to enlarge)


Preliminary Aerial View (Click to enlarge)


Preliminary East Elevation (Click to enlarge)


Preliminary South Elevation (Click to enlarge)


January 31, 2010
Town Hall Meeting

The Building Steering Committee presented an update to the congregation at a Town Hall Meeting on January 31. The preliminary civil engineering and architectural plans are being prepared to meet the Township's requirements. Our plans will be voted on by the Township Planning Commission on Tuesday, March 23 at 6:30 pm. Once the preliminary plans are approved, we will move forward with the purchase of land on Bemis Road in Ypsilanti Township. For further details and to hear an audio clip of the Town Hall Meeting, click here.