Our Hope

What’s the source of your hope?

That’s a really good question. In a world where hope seems distant or completely absent, it’s intriguing and compelling to meet people who genuinely seem to have a lot of hope and who want others to share that hope.

We believe that our purpose as a community of faith is to recognize everyone and to communicate hope. We also believe that the only true source of hope, both here on earth, and for eternity, beyond life on earth, is the person of Jesus Christ.

We hope you will check out the links below.


This site contains testimonials by people you might have seen in media. We hope you’ll hear in their stories that the common denominator at the source of their hope is the person of Jesus.


The Billy Graham Association’s “My Hope” campaign introduces people to others who have, like those in the testimonials at “I Am Second” found hope in the person of Jesus.


This site answers tough questions about the source of hope.