Questions & Answers About the Building Project

1.   Has your church been around for awhile?

Living Water has had a dream to become a positive influence in our community ever since we began more than eleven years ago. We met on Sunday mornings at Lincoln High School from 1998 until 2008.

In 2015 we moved to Childs Elementary School, putting us just down the street from our property. That's where we are currently meeting for all our Sunday worship and educational activities. 


2.   How many people worship at Living Water on Sunday mornings?

We have grown from approximately 70 people in worship when we started to between 120 and 140 people in worship in 2010.


3.   Where are you going to build?

The property we’re seeking to build on is located on the north side of Bemis Road, just west of Whittaker Road. Below are the preliminary site plan and aerial view of the property.

Preliminary Site Plan

Preliminary Aerial View


4.   Why Bemis and Whittaker?

From our earliest beginnings we have desired to serve the community in the greater Lincoln area. After a lengthy and careful search for appropriate properties, we were drawn to this property for several reasons:

  • It is right in the heart of the area we desire to serve. 
  • It is close enough to many of the residents in our community that they can walk or ride their bikes to events held at the church that will enhance the community.
  • Easy access from the entire Lincoln Community.
  • Its size enables us to preserve much of the wide open space in an area previously used as agricultural land. We want to provide a facility that is as inviting and pleasing to the community as possible and this parcel suits that purpose well.

5.   When will you begin building?

If our funding goals are reached as we hope they will be, we could begin the actual construction process in the Spring of 2018.


6.   What are you going to build?

We have lovingly referred to our building as a “gym-a-worshi-torium,” since it will be a multi-purpose building.

Our plan is to construct a multi-purpose building which will house a small gym/worship area (multi-purpose room), several meeting rooms, and our offices. The building design and site layout will retain the open feel of the property and will maintain the natural area around the West Branch Paint Creek that runs through the property. There will be a good deal of landscaping to ensure that the property is attractive.


 7.   What are the building color and materials?

The color pallet we’ve chosen follows a water theme, to complement our Living Water name, with muted blues and grays, accented with white batten and other trim. Following the recommendation of the Township, we’ve sought to design a structure that blends in nicely with the surrounding residential area. We attempted to make the overall look and feel of the building similar to nearby homes.

The materials chosen for the building are durable, attractive and environmentally friendly. For siding, we’ve chosen a variety of textures using HardiePanel Vertical Siding, HardiePlank Lap Siding, and HardieShingle Siding, or a similar material. (See website for more information).

This type of long-lasting, attractive siding is a fiber cement board textured to look like real wood. These materials are made from cellulose fibers that do not come from endangered species of wood. The cement and sand used in the product are found in great abundance. This material is easily recycled, making it environmentally sound.

Along the bottom of the building we’ll use cement-based cultured stone and split-face block in shades of gray for an additional texture and color variety.

The roofing material proposed for the project is a standing seam metal roof with concealed fasteners. The base steel panel is made with a Galvalume coating. This is far superior to a galvanizing base. The roof panels are painted with Kynar-type paint, designed to resist color fading, chipping and cracking. It is made to last much longer than traditional shingles, provides for more effective insulation and is recyclable, with no petroleum products included. With many colors to choose from, we will enhance the color pallet by using a dark gray roof color that complements the siding. Although this roofing material does not match the surrounding homes exactly, the color and pitch (slope of the roof) will be similar to other roofs in the area. The roof is usually not the focal point of a building, and we believe its style will enhance the overall design.

For a better look at the design, colors and textures of the proposed building, see below.

Preliminary East Elevation

Preliminary South Elevation


8.   How many people will the multi-purpose area hold?

In Phase I, the maximum seating capacity in the multi-purpose room for worship services or other events will be 286. We actually set up chairs in a space measured off to approximate how much room we will have and we could comfortably get 286 chairs arranged for worship in that much room.

Phase II, which will only be built after enough funds have come in to ensure we can complete it in a timely fashion, and after further review and approval from the Township, will approximately double the size, allowing a total seating capacity of about 575 people for worship and any other ministry activity.

Phase III will add a space dedicated to worship services and will have a total seating capacity of 600 people. Once Phase III is completed, the Phase I and II gym area will be used for recreational activities rather than worship services.

Each phase will be completed so it looks finished, without leaving unsightly construction materials or incomplete structures around. We are dedicated to doing things with excellence and with the overall look of our neighborhood in mind.


9.   Will there be a school or daycare?

Our proposed plan does not provide for a school or daycare. Our special conditional use permit would be for a church, and would not allow for a school or daycare. From the very beginning, as we developed our ministry vision and philosophy, we steered away from any idea of a school or daycare. There might be a time when we could periodically offer a “Mom’s Day Out” program with age appropriate activities for younger children while frazzled moms enjoy a day of respite, but our current leadership team has never envisioned hosting a 5-day a week school, nursery or daycare as part of our ministry.


10.   Will your church rent your facility to other groups?

Any situation resulting in another group using the building would need to fall under our mission and vision, which includes communicating hope in everything we do. We are also aware that as a community-serving church, we must carefully consider the hours of building use and the purpose of the activity so that it will benefit our community.

As is common with most churches, our facility would be used on occasion for typical events like weddings and baby showers, as well as other community-related events that match the guidelines of our church’s vision. With a small gym area (about two-thirds the size of a junior high gym) in Phase I, our facility would also periodically be used for sports or youth activities, such as basketball practices for the family-oriented Upward Sports program. (You can learn more about Upward Sports at Our multi-purpose room gives us the ability to offer ministry-related programs that will strengthen and build up the community.


11.   Will the church have landscaping to screen from the neighbors?

Yes. Following the Township’s general and street yard landscaping standards, there will be plenty of attractive landscaping near the building, including some nicely designed space as buffer zones between the church’s property lines and the neighbors.